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The Moons Son

 This is the first book of a three-part series called Mythos Of Ryden.

434 B.C. Ancient Greece

Set during the Peloponnesian War, a young orphan will learn the struggles of being the son of a god. What entails the life of a demigod? Wealth? Power? Strength? Adventure? Will an orphan with his wolf best friend take the challenge and prevail as he learns the truth about his heritage? Follow in his eyes as he battles against many foes including...himself.

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Fates' Design

2nd book following in the footsteps of The Moons Son

Ryden Hunt has fallen into the depths of Tarturus. Along with an uncertain ally, can he survive the waves of horror? Meanwhile above the underworld in Mount Cynthia, Artemis the goddess of the hunt and moon begins her quest to wage war on her father Zeus. Can she find allies? Are they trustworthy? Will Ryden learn what the fates have in store for him? Or will they forever design his life of loss.

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War Of Deliverance

The war of the moon and the sky has begun. Watch as fate unfolds an epic tale of war. Ryden Hunt storms Olympus in hopes of defeating the tyrant Zeus. Alongside his mother and allies, will he be able to come to grips with the sacrifices of war? Or will he succumb to fate? Find out in this epic conclusion to the Mythos of Ryden.

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Tales Of Old Duties Of A True Lord

Welcome to Voross a vast country surrounded by the endless blue sea. Join our reading for today is a tale of old. If you love knights, kings, love, blood and drama well stick around you’ll get that plus more. Let’s start.

347 A.D a most honorable lord in all of Voross can’t have kids. That’s not the only bad news as a pack of unknown invaders land on the eastern shores. They pillage, destroy and take prisoners. The lord must do his duty as a Protector of the East and defend his lands. But what will he find? Glory? Bloodshed?…Family? Could he be saving the realm or destroying it? Grab a book let’s find out shall we.

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