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Image by Júnior Ferreira

Books That Are In Work In Progress

Upcoming Books: Welcome

These are in order with what I"m working on. With estimated release dates!

  • Tales Of Old: Exiled- expected end of 2024

  • Recompense- A story of pain and truths. Will our protagonist survive till the end?

  • No title yet- A Roman monk must endure the pain to protect his child at all cost. Can he protect him without killing?

  • No title yet- An Egyptian priest betrayed and mummified has come back from death. Will he plague Egypt in order to get his revenge? 

  • No title yet- An assassin tasked with taking out the Emperor must face her past. Will she succeed or succumb to the samurai that surrounds her.

  • Death Within Us- A writer is plagued with the horror of reality when his friends begin to die like the characters in his books.

  • Even more, planned yet no official titles yet or release yet.

Upcoming Books: About Me
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