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Sneak peak!

I fell to the ground as the large ax flew over my head. I rolled on the beaten muddy ground and turned to face my foe. The sounds of swords clashing as men died surrounded me. A large man ahead of me wears full silver body armor with a helmet with blue feathers atop his helmet in the shape of a Mohawk. His large ax in hand as he ran forward and swung again. As he turned, he raised his ax above his head. I ran, sliding under his legs, and as I did, I slashed his heels on either side. The man dropped to his knees in a yell; as he descended, I climbed his back and stabbed downwards with my sword piercing into the back of his throat. The man fell with a loud thud. I jumped off the man's dead body and swung my sword at another Athenian soldier. Soldier after soldier, I slashed and killed. Without warning, I felt a feeling up my spine. Time slows, and over the sounds of fighting, I hear the sound of a bow cracking.

I turned to catch the arrow, but it never came, and the Athenian soldier who tried to shoot me was on the ground with a grey wolf biting his neck off. Another Athenian soldier in a hand-to-hand fought with a man with red feathers and a cape. He killed the spartan soldier and turned to strike at the wolf. I forced time to slow, and I thought of the fastest animal. Strolling at first until time began returning, I channeled the speed of a cheetah. I jump over the wolf and slice the man with my sword across his neck, and as I turn back, I see his head topple off. The wolf turned and looked at me. “I guess we're even.” A voice entered my head, the sound of my best friend, Lycus. The battle between Spartans and Athenians continued around us; at first, the Spartans were ahead, but the Athenian group surprisingly fought valiantly and turned the tide. “This is gonna get difficult,” I say hoarsely.

Lycus walked next to me. “You got blood on your armor.” I looked down at the silver armor that I bore, and indeed blood covered it. I looked at Lycus, whose fur looked darker. “You got blood on your fur.” Lycus looked up at me with a smile. “Yes, that happens a lot lately.” Suddenly the fighting seemed to stop; they both looked away from each other. The Spartan army was dead. Hundreds of Athenian soldiers surrounded us. I glance at Lycus, smiling wide as I grab a brown strap across my chest plate. I pulled forward, the strap snapping, and a bright, elegant silver bow appeared in my hand. The weight of my quiver appeared on my back; I grabbed an arrow placing it on the bow. “Ready for a challenge?”

Lycuss's laugh echoed in my head. “Not a challenge for us.” I smile as I aim my bow, the Athenian army closing in on us as I fire my bow.

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